Sales Ideas

Sales Ideas

Build a few demo signs in several colors Pink, Yellow, Green, Blue. Use popular sign phrases “Sale, 20% off, Lunch Specials.

Carry a Blazing Window Sign into any business and simply ask if it is ok to plug it in. Once lit the first thing they ask is How Much? It is an easy soft sell they will ask all the Questions there is no phony sales script to learn.

Carry one around the flea market and plug it in at every booth that has power. Once again all you will hear is How Much?

Set one up in the back window of your car and use an inverter to power it on.

Go to strip malls and carry one into every store.

Put a demo video on a i Pad Like the video on our web page. One guy in NY is doing fantastic selling this way. No one turns down a chance to play with a i Pad.

Take photos and sell these online all across the country on Ebay or your own website.

Partner with a relative one person builds one person goes on the road selling.

Sell additional Sign Material Fronts at $25 each they only cost you a few dollars to make.

This can also work as a charity fundraiser.

Make and sell these to other sign shops give them a break on the price so they can resell at a profit.

You can make and rent them to businesses for as cheap as $10 per week!

If a business rents 2 of the triple signs that is an easy $60 every week!

You can also do rent to own.

They can be used hanging in windows facing outside or hanging on any wall as an interior sign.

Below a few good selling points


  • These are brighter than neon at less than 1/5 the price.
  • These are brighter than LED and 1/10 the Price.
  • They use less electricity than a 75 watt light bulb
  • Material Sign Fronts are easily changeable