Q. What is used to light up the signs?

A. It is backlit using a common 110 volt lighting system.


Q. Is this backlit lighting system something that is hard to find or expensive to purchase?

A. No it is easy to find and included in the $25 you will spend to make one Blazing Window Sign.


Q. Are these lighting systems safe to leave on 24/7 ?

A. The lighting system we recommend using is UL approved. They have been around for decades.


Q. Can these Blazing Window Signs be used Outdoors?

A. No they are designed to be hung on the inside of windows with the Blazing Window Sign facing outside.


Q. How many Watts are these Blazing Window Signs?

A. Less than 75 Watts


Q What size is one Blazing Window Sign?

A. 12 inches by 50 inches.


Q. Can these be hung vertically and horizontally?

A. Yes. And they can be put together in any formation to create larger signs.    24”x50”,36”x50”,48”x50”,12”x100”,24”x100” There are no sizing limits!!!


Q. What is the largest size letter that can be used?

A. We recommend 8” for the largest.


Q. How do I cut out these letters?

A.  We have a system that is quick and easy. It uses your home computer and printer. It does involve some cutting by hand. No artistic ability is needed. There is an easy cheat that we use on all our cut outs.


Q. When you say it involves some cutting by hand do you mean with a pair of scissors?

A. The cutting process is actually very easy and quick I can’t reveal all of our methods but it is more like tracing than scissor cutting. From start to finish you can make a complete Blazing Window Sign in about 30 Minutes!


Q. How much can I sell these Blazing Window Signs for?

A. I sold hundreds of these in the mid 1990’s for $125 each.


Q. How come I have never heard of these Blazing Window Signs before?

A. I stopped making these in the late 1990’s. I became involved in another business and shelved this idea up until April of 2011 when my son was helping me clean out the attic and he found a couple of these Blazing Window Signs. We are now marketing the idea for the first time again since 1998.


Q. I would like to see pictures of the Blazing Window Signs from the side and back.

A. With the purchase of our kit you will receive dozens of high resolution photos and assembly instructions. If we put these photos on our web site some folks would attempt to copy our design without the purchase of a kit.


Q. How long will it take me to assemble one of these Blazing Window Signs?

A. Your first one could take an hour or more. After you have done one or two expect to spend about 30 minutes on each one after that.


Q. So what you are saying is for $125 you will show me how to make these Blazing Window Signs for $25 each and I can make them in about 30 minutes and they can be sold for $125. I can make as many as I want and never have to buy anything from you.

A. That is correct you purchase all of you supplies locally.


Q. So what do I get with the $125 Kit?

A. We email you a 47 page instruction book. With dozens of high resolution photos and detailed instructions. We tell you what supplies to purchase and where you can purchase them. You can have your first Blazing Window Signs ready for sale tomorrow.


Q. But what about the down economy?

A. There are hundreds of store front business within driving distance of you that are looking for ways to cheaply increase their foot traffic. You will have exactly what they are looking for!


Q. Is it possible to make these in advance and sell to store owners on an impulse buy?

A. That is exactly what I did with these in the mid 1990’s. I specialized in beauty shops. Tanning, Nails,Perms,Hair,Sale.  They were all big sellers. I also had Signs for auto part stores, pet stores, drug stores, convenience stores, grocery stores, day care centers. I could spend the weekend assembling the light fixtures and cutting sign material. I would load up the back of the truck and have a Blazing Window Sign ready to go for almost any business I would run across.


Q. Will I need any special tools to make these Blazing Window Signs.

A. You will need a power drill to drill 4 holes. And a hand saw to make 4 cuts.


Q. Can I get a complete kit so I don’t have to shop for supplies?

A. Yes we have a complete kit with all the supplies needed for 1 Blazing Window Sign. This complete kit is $175.00. The complete kits are pre drilled and cut so that no power tools are needed.


Q. How much does one of these Blazing Window Signs weigh?

A. 7 Pounds. That is why it is so easy to use several Blazing Window Signs to make larger signs.


Q. If I buy a kit can I be guaranteed an exclusive territory?

A. No. Blazing Window Signs will always be available on our website. We cannot stop people from ordering from our site.


Q. Will you ship the Blazing Window Sign Complete kit to Canada?

A. Yes same price as the States.


Q. Do I need a special printer to make these banners?

A. No any printer will do the trick.


Q. How long will these Blazing Window Signs last?

A. light fixture can easily last a decade. Sign Material will last couple years in direct sun.


Q. Do you offer refunds.

A. All sales are final. When we initially offered refunds some folks would continue to use our information for sign building basically scamming us out of a free kit.

Blazing Window Signs Emailed Instruction Book  (you buy all the parts locally)    $125.00 No Shipping

Blazing Window Signs Emailed Instruction Book  (you buy all the parts locally)    $125.00 No Shipping


Blazing Window Signs Complete Kit Includes All The Parts Needed For 1 Blazing Window Sign Assembly $175.00

We ship Out Your Package The Next Business Day Priority Mail $19.95


Blazing Window Signs Complete Kit Includes All The Parts Needed For 1 Blazing Window Sign Assembly $175.00

We ship Out Your Package The Next Business Day Priority Mail $19.95